Home / Budget PC  – We sell or custom build new or used budget computers for basic use – word processing, internet browsing, you can purchase a used but fast PC for as low as $200 AUD!  Speak to us today!





Home Entertainment – We  provide customized solution for home media such as Blu-ray, video stream/plex server or TV recording. 






Gaming PC – We provide customized solution for mainstream gaming brand and hardware based on your gaming demand (strategy, RPG, First Person Shooting or Simulators)







Office PC – We provide both lightning fast Terry PC solution built office PC or sell premade business brand and models (Lenovo, HP or DELL) to meet your business demand for fast and reliable computing experience.








Designing PC – Photo, Video or AutoCad – We can build both customized or sell premade design/workstation solutions (Lenovo, HP or DELL) to ensure your design is smooth and lightning fast and save your time on wait time.







Server – We provide professional solution for your on premise Server to run your dedicated business/production services on the back-end fast and reliable.